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"Seeing, understanding and promoting leadership competence. Today, managers face major challenges which we address with reasonable offers."

Leadership management – immediate & with integrity

We help you examine, understand and change your management culture. We find suitable methods for your corporate culture and develop purpose-built solutions.

Facilitated management feedback

This instrument maps out tractable managerial behaviours and their potential impact on employee collaboration.

Where can hidden potentials be found? In which areas does a manager over- or underestimate his or her abilities? Which behaviours are constructive, which are not – or worse, counterproductive? Where does a manager need backing by his or her employees in order to master specific tasks? Do employees feel well informed about important company decisions? Do managers foster professional development? Is information clearly communicated? Are tasks clearly defined? Is praise expressed? How is criticism offered and received?

With the facilitated management feedback we provide you with a valuable tool to disclose and analyse managerial behaviour within your organisation. Blind spots and areas of optimisation will be uncovered, just as there is room for appreciation of positive behaviour. Upon request, meaningful management profiles can be derived, action fields defined and tangible optimisation measures for both managers and employees adopted.

There is a myriad of benefits to be gained from this easily set up system. Establishing the facilitated management feedback is an integral step towards shaping a qualitative and methodological feedback culture.

Management profile

The management profile is an easy-to-integrate tool that makes a manager’s performance concerning employee management measurable.

By means of a questionnaire relevant management data is collected and documented. The management profile can be created along with the facilitated feedback process or devised separately using an online system. In addition to the initial coaching conversation between consultant and manager, we offer in-depth measures for optimisation.

Strengths management

With the strengths manager we have created an instrument which pursues the approach of strengths-based development.

Qualitative analysis of a manager’s talents and strengths is the heart of this tool. The strengths manager is a test-based method that entails downstream individual consulting. It is easy to introduce and promotes self-reflection and self-esteem in managers while keeping potential irritation at bay. The strengths manager prevents managers from focussing purely on subjectively perceived mistakes and deficits. It helps orient the organisation towards a culture of productive analysis and optimisation. As a result, the manager receives detailed and valid insights into his or her individual strengths profile. Based on these characteristics, targeted support and development measures can be derived. Change towards a desired management culture can thus be initiated in a targeted way.

In brief:

  • Opportunity for self-reflection and catalyst to create willingness for change.
  • Foundation for targeted adjustment of management culture
  • Opportunity for change and reduction of blind spots
  • Overcoming inhibition thresholds to foster purposeful communication
  • Establishing structured communication cycles
  • Encouraging an up-to-date, open-minded and motivating management culture